Backed by his deep passion to help people live fuller, healthier, and more productive lives, Dr. Flam has spent years studying and researching superfood and dietary supplements to create a unique class of products that truly changes lives: PhytoLife™ Supplements, the world’s most scientifically exacting blends of high potency, high purity ingredients with astounding health benefits.

Dr. Flam speaks about the development of PhytoLife™

Dr. Raijman speaks about the gastrointestinal benefits of PhytoLife™

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Dr. Gary Flam is an expert, consultant, author, inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary in the fields of health and wellness, nutrition, ergogenics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. After years of caring for patients and dealing with several family illnesses, Dr. Flam set out on a personal quest for the ultimate in nutrition, physical performance and supplementation. These goals have come to fruition with his establishment of PhytoLife, LLC, a premium, science-driven supplement company that delivers optimal health and performance through education, supplements, and super foods.

Dr. Flam also serves as an owner/partner of Pharmaceutical Litigation Strategies offering research assimilation, planning, expert acquisition, preparation, deposition and trial support.

His roles as complementary and alternative medicine consultant and owner/inventor at Ebiomedical Technologies Group, Inc. keep him in demand throughout the country. Gary also serves as an anesthesiologist/partner at USAP.

In 100 Ways to Optimize your life, Dr. Flam presents the 100 most important behaviors, habits, foods, supplements, exercises, and activities that can easily be learned and are essential to a healthy and well balanced life. Readers will find that as they learn and gradually adopt these behaviors and habits, they have more energy and stamina to confront the challenges that each day brings and are less plagued by chronic illness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and a whole host of other stress related illnesses.

Beginning with the Top Ten Behaviors, Dr. Flam describes the most important secrets to healthy living that are at the very foundation of wellness. He then builds upon this foundation by discussing other relevant behaviors, foods, supplements, common medical conditions, exercise, specific exercise patterns, stress, and specific stress reduction techniques. Dr. Flam then puts this all together in an easy to remember 6 point plan that holds all of the keys to optimizing health and physical performance.

The book is rich with illustrations, tables, and figures, and represents the essence of Dr. Flam’s knowledge and expertise after 25 years of study and clinical practice.

Health, Wellness, Prevention, Nutrition, Ergogenic, Pharmaceutical, Device – Expert, Consultant, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Location: Houston, Texas

Industry: Sports

Current Activities:

  • DFNS Ergogenics- Premium Science Driven Supplements For Optimal Health and Performance,
  • Women’s Gate Wellness Center,
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation Strategies

DFNS Ergogenics- Premium Science Driven Supplements For Optimal Health and Performance


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Women’s Gate Wellness Center


Houston, Texas

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Pharmaceutical Litigation Strategies


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Research, Assimilation, Planning, Expert Acquisition, Preparation, Deposition, Trial Support

Ebiomed Tech Group, Inc.


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Houston, Texas

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